Need everybody to help me identify a credit card issuer!

I am TOTALLY freaked out today because I received a phone call from PN Financial (a collection agency) stating that they are seeking to collect on a $1,9XX debt from a visa card issued by Citi Financial. The lady said the card was opened in 2014, and charged off in 2016.
Now I know I never have had a Citibank card, so I told her that. She then said on her end, as a collection agency, it says Citi Financial so it could also be a store credit card that was actually Citi.

Ok… that could be. I know I paid off everything that was on my credit report in 2011ish though so I figured it was a matter of pulling out the zero balance letters as proof and faxing it in. I also knew that this account wasn’t on my credit currently, so I was simply asking for more info because I wanted to ensure this was not a mistake or fraud.

I never gave this lady any of my info, but she had all accurate info – down to several friends listed as references, and the last 4 of my social.

I hung up with her and called Citibank to see what I could find based on the info she gave me. They couldn’t find anything under my name or SS, but I did speak with several different people who all told me a lot of different things… so I am not sure this is accurate anyway. Seems as though without knowing the issuing store its hard for them to look up the subsidiary cards. Also on the PN Financial side it says “Citi Financial” which Citibank said might be a separate but affiliated group (lady wasn’t sure because there’s different branches). But I can’t find a good number for Citi Financial aside from local branches, which I called and they said they don’t have credit cards.

If I was able to verify the origin of this debt, I would be able to figure out if this is legitimate or not. I know the first 4 digits of the card they’re alleging is mine are 4985. Citi told me that all cards are coded, so for example 4985 might be linked to Home Depot or Walmart specifically, etc.

Anybody have any credit cards or HAD any cards starting with 4985? If so, what store was it?

I feel like I have everything settled and this must be a mistake… but I am just not fully prepared to resolve this without more info about what the heck this was from.

Please, if you have a moment to help me identify I would appreciate it! If it turns out to be legit I want to set up a payment plan to settle so I can’t be sued. Texas SOL is 4 years so thats up, but I have no idea what state the card wouldve been issued from so that SOL may be active.

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  1. Breathe! First of all demand WRITTEN proof of the debt, including who issued the actual card. Be firm tell them no proof no payment. Also they must show with verifiable information how much the ACTUAL debt was, not all the fees, penalties etc. If it is a legit debt they can and must give you that info. Again be firm no proof, no payment. Obviously this is a bottom feeder who has MAYBE bought an old debt for pennies on the dollar IF they are even legit. I hate to say it, but the info she gave you could be obtained from so many places it would make you ill. IF they provide the proof and you recognize the debt. Then negotiate a very low settlement price with them. Get the deal in writing, give them no info or money until you have the deal in writing and it guarantees the debt is paid in full. Or they will take their money and run and you will have this to deal with all over again.. btw how old did they say the debt was? Statute of limitations may have ran out on them and they are trying to reinstate the debt because if you pay even one penny on it the time starts all over.
    Oh and tell them that until you get the proof via US mail they are NOT to call you. Be sure to get the name of tge person you speak with, the collection agency name, capture the phone number and record the date and time of the call and the no harrassment notification and any other calls. DO NOT believe a word they say. My nephew in law worked as one of those scum buckets for awhile and flat out said they were told to lie and threaten, whatever it took to get them as much money as possible. He got a low hourly wage and a percentage of what he collected. So the urge to lie was huge.

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