According to a few different websites

we’d actually need the first six digits to ID the company/store/business that issued the card. The fact that it starts with a “4” indicates it was a Visa, but that’s the only thing we can determine from the number at this point. Some online credit-card prefix lists that I just checked, either offered not much beyond the above info, or spit out a 4-digit check as being incomplete.

I’ll echo Jan’s concerns that this might have been a bogus call. We’ve spoken on this list recently about an IRS scam where folks are called with claims that they are being sued by the IRS and need to call back some number to get court date information. We got one of those calls right after finishing our taxes this year, and after paying off our previous balance. So that one was easy to spot as bogus. But within the last week we also got SEVEN calls, all the same day, from three different numbers, claiming that we had to call someone back to get more info about how the Department of Justice needed to speak with us about a US Treasury matter. Um, yea, we’re gonna believe that the DoJ needs to talk to us about the US Treasury. They wouldn’t want to hear my comments on that anyway. So could this be a scam as well, particularly given that you can’t get confirmation from anyone on anything? Youbetcha. The one time I worked with a collector over the phone, I was already familiar with the charge, it was definitely on my credit report and had been for a long time, and she had every piece of information about that debt right at her fingertips. There wasn’t any of this “trying to collect a debt but we can’t tell you or we don’t know the info” garbage. The fact that the gal you spoke to, and everyone since then, can’t confirm or prove the bill is yours? Every red flag I had went up on that one.

The burden is on them, NOT YOU, to prove that you owe them money, particularly since this has apparently never been on your credit report. That’s possibly the biggest tip-off of all. If it’s not on your credit report, then I’d chalk this up to being bogus unless they can prove otherwise to your satisfaction. Then, and only then, would I even worry about working out some payment plan. For all your know it’s a couple of bored kids calling from their parents’ basement.

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