I assume the “Payday Loans Advance” is DXN from my profile page

As you know, people who say this or that PLA is “good” are expected to back their claims with hard facts and figures. Sweeping generalizations like “I’m doing good full time” have been heard so much by the survivors on this board that they are not to be believed.

Dr. Jon Taylor challenges people to show last year’s tax return and divulge how much of their income gets derived from retail sales vs recruiting.

Since you haven’t been doing this long enough to show us a tax return, I’ll request the next best thing: a cash flow statement. Surely if you’re “doing good” in DXN you can support that by showing us how much you have spent vs how much you have earned. Part of that statement should include a breakdown of your retail sales. Also show us the number of hours you spent to earn that *net* profit so you can compute your effective hourly wage.
Compare that to the minimum wage in your part of the world.

If you can’t show us hard figures, how do you really know you’re “doing good”? People might draw large checks i.e. 30 day loans, but after subtracting all expenses, they might be making less than minimum wage.

Don’t just say it.
Prove it!

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